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Excellent Wellbeing International Co., Ltd. (EWI) is an international brand management company.

We have created a unique supply chain system that meets the needs of the global marketplace. By providing high quality products, we contribute to people's healthy lifestyles.

Product Design Product Development Sourcing Quality Control/Assurance Distribution Service E-commerce Wholesalers/Retailers Marketing Customer Service


  • 2007
    Sets up IT, Customer Service Centers and physical store in Thailand
  • 2008
    Establishes Hong Kong B2C Distribution Center
  • 2011
    Establishes Singapore B2C Distribution Center
  • 2016
    Launches Brand Managemnt Business
  • 2019
    Begins Offline Retail Sales
  • 2020
    Expands Hong Kong B2C Distribution Center


  • Executive Director & Chairman
    Executive Director & Chairman
    We will do our best to provide excellent products from all over the world to customers who are looking for beauty and health.
  • Executive Director & CEO
    Executive Director & CEO
    We promise to deliver high quality products so as to bring smiles and protect the health of our customers.


By accurately grasping the needs of the global market and providing high-quality products,
we contribute to the realization of healthy lifestyles for people.

  • DR ZERO is a hair care brand that tackles hair problems from a professional perspective based on scientific evidence. Focusing on the mechanisms of the scalp and hair, including the differences between men and women, the brand takes a scientific approach to the causes of problems, aiming to lead you to "zero" hair problems and provides an ideal hair life.

    Brand site
  • iskinclock, born from the concept of "home esthetics," provides skincare that respects the individuality and circulation of the skin. We support those who work hard and help nurture beautiful skin.

    Brand site
  • "Preparing medicine with dedication, Growing strong with reputation." Is our philosophy, and Wai Yuen Tong remains true to this aspiration in our commitment of spreading the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Our complete understanding of today's health and well-being needs enables us to provide a comprehensive range of top-quality TCM products and services in new areas of TCM healthcare.
    *EWI is the authorized distributor of Igendo in Japan.

    EWI Igendo site

    Skin is an important factor in making a good first impression.
    Beautiful skin and cleanliness can create a positive impression, and could help boost your happiness and self-confidence. OPACY is committed to produce effective skincare solutions to tend to your skin's needs.

    Brand site
  • BHE

    BHE utilizes the highest quality ingredients with proven power and Swiss technology, a country where beauty research is thriving. The skincare brand is supervised by a laboratory that is well versed in Asian skin and has achieved a formulation design that is of ultimate sophistication.

    Brand site



Excellent Wellbeing
International Co., Ltd.

    • Hong Kong Headquarters
      Address Rm 801, 8/F, Wing On Plaza, 62 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Hong Kong
      Operations Product planning, branding, wholesale and retail, marketing and PR, warehousing and logistics
    • Shenzhen, China
      Address Rm409, East Block, Aidi Mansion, 5003 Binhe Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, China
      Operations EC operation center, customer center, marketing and PR, wholesale and retail, warehousing and logistics
  • Group Companies

    • Japan Tokyo
      Operations Product planning, wholesale and retail, marketing and PR
    • Osaka, Japan
      Operations Logistics & Warehousing
    • Bangkok, Thailand
      Operations EC operation center, customer center, logistics and warehousing
    • Singapore
      Operations Logistics and warehousing


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